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Lucis is a software development company specializing in enterprise Java and blockchain development.

If you are curious how blockchain technology can help your business, or wish to commission a customized blockchain solution, we are here to help.

Our team of developers and consultants have extensive knowledge across a wide range of technologies and an abundance of industry-specific knowledge. This enables us to provide our customers exceptional value while delivering solutions that meet customer needs, business and budget expectations.

We have successfully completed projects across various industry fields. Currently our primary focus is distributed between blockchain development and projects in the field of healthcare including tele-medicine, clinical information systems and clinical registers.


Custom Software Development

Blockchain Development

Software Architecture and Design

Business Process Digitalization




Over the years we have accumulated extensive experience in developing and integrating software solutions. We carefully study our clients cases in order to understand their objectives and needs. This enables us to develop solutions that meets client needs and deliver maximum value.

From requirements definition and specification, architecture design, UXD, coding, testing and validation to product maintenance and support, we can handle it all in any combination.




We are building our solutions using JEE technologies. Using WildFly AS as our preferred platform, but have experiences with WebSphere and WebLogic too. To enable configurable business logic we use Drools. Our favourite frontend developemnt framework is GWT. We know and use JSF, Oracle ADF, and Vaadin based on customer needs and requirements. Liferay is used in case of enterprise portal needs.


Doing majority of our work on enterprise type projects, directly translates into extensive experience with systems integration. We leverage the power of SOA and web services, are fluent in SOAP and REST protocols, and have extensive experience in health care information exchange standards like HL7, IHE and DICOM.


Pentaho Mondrian is our reporting engine of choice. We use it for complex multidimensional reports and data analysis. In different scenarios we use Birt as an embedded reporting engine


Our solutions are database agnostic. We have extensive expertise with MS SQL server and Postgre SQL, but we work with Oracle, IBM DB2 and MySQL as well.


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Featured Projects

Significant references in healthcare industry.

Our focus on healthcare IT and developing cutting edge healthcare software means we deliver solutions that work for you and your clients. We drive, question, align, understand, identify, solve, clarify and create. We bring a wealth of experience to the table, leveraging it to create amazing software for health information systems, EHRs, chronic patient management information systems, patient engagement platforms, eHealth and mHealth applications.

You could call it a strategy, but we just think of it as the correct way to do things.

Demo Pilot Turizem 4.0
Bed management system
Record-KLB – project reCORD – ChrOnic Renal Disease
InterRIS – Radiology Information System
TeleKap – National TeleStroke Network

Our partners and customers

We have established a close and long-term business relationships with our partners and customers. Our business vision is based on genuine human and business relations.


  • University Medical Centre Ljubljana
  • Institute of Oncology Ljubljana
  • National Institute of Public Health
  • Cancer Registry RS
  • Valdoltra Orthopedic Hospital
  • General Hospital Slovenj Gradec
  • General Hospital Izola
  • University Clinic of Pulmonary and Allergic Diseases Golnik
  • Health Centre Tolmin
  • Health Centre Lendava

Private Sector

  • ZVD – Institute of Occupational Safety d.o.o.
  • Interexport d.o.o.
  • Inotherm d.o.o.
  • KLS Ljubno d.d.
  • SRC.SI d.d.
  • Solvera Lynx d.o.o.
  • Parsek d.o.o.
  • Ixtlan Team d.o.o.
  • NLB Vita d.d.
  • Avtotransporti Kastelic s.p.
  • SiMobil d.d.
  • Mobitel d.d.
  • Koebler (AT/Graz)
  • EGIZ NetEurope (IT/Trieste)


  • Ministry of health RS
  • Ministry of the interior RS
  • National Assembly RS

Podjetje Lucis, d.o.o. je pridobilo sofinanciranje upravičenih stroškov – Vavčer za pridobitev certifikatov. Naložbo sofinancirata Republika Slovenija in Evropska unija iz Evropskega sklada za regionalni razvoj.

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